About us


About us

How the co-founder’s beginnings began

The passion for diving was born back in the early 1980s of the twentieth century.
I remember that these were difficult beginnings. I earned my first certificates – I worked so hard in 1987.
At the time, diving was mainly in Polish cold waters.
But the trip itself, getting your hair wet, is already a lot of fun.

What was next?

Geopolitical changes in our country are bringing new opportunities. Borders are opening up. Commercial diver training organizations are entering Poland with a “broad step”.
In 2000, I obtain the rank of DIVEMSTER. My “LocalDive” is slowly transforming into a “Dive of the World.”
Black Sea, Adriatic such were the beginnings. While still in college the idea came up and how about doing it commercially?
In 2002, I became certified as an SSI Instructor.

The beginnings of the Diveworld dive base

Diveworld diving school is being established in 2022.
Training, trips of a diving nature. In a word, adventure…
Although the idea of opening a center in Gozo came in 2020, I have had experience working as an Instructor and Dive Guide in the Maltese archipelago for 5 years.
I am very familiar with the locations and local conditions.

The theme

Our Center was created for divers and with divers in mind who want to dive longer, go deeper or explore further.

This is the guiding principle of Extend Range training that we agree with and act upon.