Beard Cave

Beard Cave

Also known as Tal-Barbra, it is located on a western cliff about 100m north of Whale Cave.

Like many such caves on the West and Northwest cliffs, Beard Cave is not an enclosed space but a tunnel into which boats with tourists enter. Beard Cave is a long corridor of about 200m whose width in some places reaches only a few meters. The corridor begins at a depth of about 23m and cuts into the cliff at a depth of about 200m.

Flowing into the depths, the corridor shallows out, gradually moving to successively shallower sections.

The attentive observer will find at a depth of 9m an opening that will lead us into a narrow corridor that is accessible only to experienced, advanced divers. Returning at a depth of about 10m, we will admire the upper part of the cave and the blue of the open sea.

Accessibility: From a boat

Level of difficulty: Intermediate. advanced

Max. Depth: 24m

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