Cathedral Cave / Blue Dome Cave

Cathedral Cave / Blue Dome Cave

Cathedral Cave also known as Blue Dome lies on the north side of the island of Gozo on the western wall at the exit of Wied Il-Ghrasi Bay. This is one of the most visited dive sites on Gozo.
The entrance to the caverna is a huge gate whose base, about 15m wide, is 16m deep.
The vaulted gate reaches a depth of only 4m-5m making this site accessible to divers of all levels.
Caverna is a circular chamber about 50m in diameter with a huge air dome that will remind you of domes in churches.

Excellent acoustic conditions complete the impression of being in a place of worship.
The cave’s west-facing exit and the gap in the rock above it let in light that creates a blue glow on the surface of the water, the effect of which can be intensified by spreading the water with your hands.
At the end of the chamber is a small tunnel that has two vertical shafts that originally served as wells to feed the nearby salt pools.

Unfortunately, today closed from the top they do not enhance the mystique of the place with their light.

Accessibility: From the shore by ladder from Ras il-Kanun or by stairs from Wied il-Ghrasi.

Level of difficulty: Beginners, Intermediate

Max depth: 5m-40m

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