Inland Sea

Inland Sea

Lying on the western side of the island, Gozo is undoubtedly another must-see spot for tourists from Malta and Gozo.

The name comes from the inner lagoon that was created by the flooding of the valley by the sea, which broke through the high cliff separating it from the open sea with tremendous force over the years.

The lagoon itself is not impressive in either depth or water clarity. We start the dive at the entrance to the tunnel that will take us out to the open sea. On the land side, the tunnel begins at a depth of about 5m. Flowing towards the sea, it gradually deepens, reaching a maximum depth of 25m-26m at the exit. The length of the tunnel is about 90m.

An amazing aesthetic experience, the play of light and shadow create this place one of the prettiest in Malta.

Accessibility: From the shore

Difficulty level: Beginners, Intermediate.

Max. Depth: 26m

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