Ta'Cenc Cave

Ta'Cenc Cave

A picturesque caverna located on the southern side of the island of Gozo.

Access to the caverna is via Ta’Cenc Bay. To get to the caverna we have to swim out of the bay from here the dive can be, depending on the way to get there, for divers of all levels.

The entrance to the caverna itself is at a depth of 8-9m.

Caverna is made of two corridors, one of which flows gradually towards the surface where it meets the other entering horizontally at a depth of 4m. At the end of the corridor is a small air chamber.
Both corridors have an additional vertical connection just before the exit to the outside.

Accessibility: From the shore

Level of difficulty: Depending on the way to reach: beginner or intermediate.

Max. Depth: From 8m to 40m

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