Whale Cave

Whale Cave

Also known as Ghar in-Niexef (Cave of Dryness) or Audrey’s Crack is located on the western cliff about 100m from the Inland Sea tunnel.

Although the name suggests it, Whale Cave is not an enclosed space, but a dead-end corridor about 15m wide into which boats with tourists often enter. The tunnel is about 80m long and begins at a depth of about 22m. Swimming on the left side we reach a huge boulder behind which there is an entrance to a narrow corridor which, washed out in the rock, cuts deep into the cave to lead us after 20m through a vertical chimney to a depth of 5m.

From here there is a magnificent view of the blue open sea.

Accessibility: From a boat or from the shore through the Inland Sea tunnel.

Difficulty level: Beginners, Intermediate.

Max. Depth: 22m

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