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Our offer is aimed at Dive Centers, clubs, associations, independent Diving Instructors and leaders of organized groups. We also serve organized groups of Freedivers.

About us

Diveworld was created as a result of a passion for diving and the need to fill the space between amateur diving and professional technical diving. This is a space for divers who want to dive “consciously.” Willing to expand their skills and experience based on the highest training standards. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service through knowledge, skills, experience and appropriate diving equipment. Our motto is “EXTEND YOUR RANGE AND DIVE BETTER” – extend your reach and dive better.

For divers, we have a 30 m2 “WET AREA” where you can rinse your equipment after a dive and hang it to dry. 15-liter cylinders, 12-liter cylinders (tall with a diameter of 171 mm) suitable for SIDEMOUNT configuration with valves on the left and right side. Two-bottle ( twinset ) sets, 11.1L and 7L pure aluminum oxygen cylinders. Our cylinders are new, free of contamination, meet oxygen purity standards, and the charged air is oxygen compatible. We have breathing machines, for SIDEMOUNT and TWINSET configurations with a 2m hose.

“Jackets” of the wing type with a steel plate for single cylinders and two-bottle sets. We also have rubber fins with springs for technical diving. Each diver for the duration of the dive is given an equipment box, as well as two hangers for a wetsuit and Jacket. We have soft and hard ballast from 1kg to 3kg, as well as ballast for two-bottle “V-weight” sets.

For each dive we take a first aid kit, oxygen and a first aid kit.

On Gozo wrecks, we dive with a 28% Nitrox breathing mixture. FREE

Why on gozo?

Malta and Gozo are not only rich in history dating back to Neolithic times. The story of an island ripped from one hand to another over the centuries. It’s also sunshine, beaches and, above all, crystal clear water.

The Maltese archipelago, which includes Malta, Gozo and Comino, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting diving sites in Europe and, judging by the tourists who come here, recognized worldwide.
Numerous caves, wrecks, rock formations, combined with water clarity reaching 40-50m, make this place ideal for diving.

Wreck dives

The Maltese islands archipelago offers many opportunities for wreck diving. There are many wrecks at various depths resting on the bottom. From 14m as for example. Destroyer HMS MAORI up to 100m like.

ORP KUJAWIAK. At the bottom lie historical wrecks as well as commercial ones embedded as an attraction for divers. Many of them are accessible from the shore, but some can only be reached by boat.

Accessible directly from shore on Gozo we have 4 wrecks. All at a depth of 40m. They are set on the bottom as an attraction for divers. They are MV Karwela, MV Cominoland, MV Xlendi and the latest MT Hephaestus. In Malta, the patrol ship P29 and the tug Rozi lie at the Cirkewwa ferry port, and in southern Malta, the giant tanker Um El Faroud. Also accessible from shore, we have the Tug Boat II, Xlighter 127 and the destroyer Maori. Frequently visited wrecks accessible from a boat include – the P31 patrol ship lying off the coast of Comino Island or the MV Imperial Eagle sunk off Quawra point resting at a depth of 40m almost at the foot of the statue of Jesus Christ sunk to commemorate the visit of John Paul II in 1990.

Deep wrecks include the submarine HMS Stubborn, Le Polynesian, HMS Hellespont, HMS Southwold and others, as well as aircraft wrecks such as the Ju 88, Blanheim Bomber and Bristol Baufighter.

Cave dives

Off the coast of Malta and especially Gozo there are many Caverns accessible from the shore as well as those we have to reach by boat. Most of them are typical sea caves that do not require complex navigation techniques. The high water clarity, temperature and low amount of bottom sediment provide excellent conditions for cavern training or for perfecting techniques already learned. Many of them have interesting air chambers others are flooded completely.

In addition to excellent training conditions, these caverns make a graceful subject for underwater photography. Available in a full range of depths for both beginner divers like Ta’Cenc Cave at 9m, Mgarr In Xini or Xlendi Tunnel to the famous Bottel Neck Cave whose entrance is at a depth of 38m and exit at 59m. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting is the approximately 116m long Billinghurst Cave. Other popular ones on Gozo include Shrims Cave, Cathedral Cave, Submarine Cave and cavern formations such as Double Arch and Triple Arch.

It’s hard not to mention the caves in the Dwejra area. These include the much-visited 90m Inland Sea Tunnel, Whale Cave, Tal-Barba Cave, Blue Hole Cave, Rogers Cave and many others.

Deep dives

Deep dives called Extend Range dives requiring decompression techniques are one of the popular forms of diving on Gozo. Great depths accessible directly from the shore, warm water, high transparency, wrecks or caves are conducive to long decompression dives.

Gozo provides an ideal location for Extend Range training in both Back Mount and SideMount configurations using available gas mixtures such as Nitrox or Trimix.

Reaction dives

Business offerings

The person who reports the arrival of a group of divers, is treated as the leader of the group. All discussions regarding the plan, organization as well as costs are discussed directly and only with the group leader.
The Leader undertakes to collect money from the participants and to settle according to the agreement between the Leader and the Dive Center.
The leader is responsible for the group and acts as a bridge between it and the representative of the Dive Center.
The group leader is required to know the level of training and experience of the divers, and based on the experience of the dive center representative, create a dive plan.
The Dive Center reserves the right to disclaim liability for insufficient training or experience of divers during the implementation of the established plans.

The group leader is entitled to appropriate benefits depending on the contract with the Dive Center.


The group leader is treated as a special guest and is not charged for dives at our Dive Center (FREE OF CHARGE).
Depending on the size of the group, the Leader is entitled to a commission on the NET amount, as established in the contract between the Leader and the Dive Center.
The group leader has the right to conduct training at our Dive Center, use the base infrastructure and support the Dive Center.
The agreement between the Leader and the Dive Center regarding commissions and policies is not available to third parties and, as such, is treated as a trade secret.


The easiest way to get to Malta from Europe is by one of several airlines. From Poland these are Ryanair flying from airports such as Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw-Modlin, Wizzair flying from airports – Warsaw-Chopin, Katowice, and AIRMALTA flying from airports Warsaw-Chopin, Krakow, Katowice, Gdansk.

All aircraft from Europe land at MALTA INLERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Luqa, Malta.

To get to Gozo we can choose from several available options. All options include a ferry crossing to the island of Gozo:

  1. TAXI- directly from the airport to anywhere in Malta
  2. MALTA PUBLICK TRANSPORT bus. From the airport terminal by bus “X1” to CIRKEWWA FERRY. The ferry crossing to Gozo is free of charge. From GOZO MGARR-FERRY you will reach the village of MARSALFORN by bus line “322”.
  3. Private shuttel bus transfer from the Airport to anywhere in Malta or Gozo. We can arrange such a transfer using the proven carrier GODNIC GARAGE.
  4. From Valletta Station by bus to the Gozo Fast Ferry terminal. The ferry to Gozo takes about 45min.
    . From Gozo Ferry Terminal by bus line 322

Directions suggested by google maps:

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