Cave Dives

Cave Dives

Off the coast of Malta and especially Gozo there are many Caverns accessible from the shore as well as those we have to reach by boat.

Most of them are typical sea caves that do not require complex navigation techniques. The high water clarity, temperature and not much bottom sediment provide excellent conditions for cavern training or for perfecting techniques already learned.

Many of them have interesting air chambers others are flooded completely.

What’s more, in addition to excellent training conditions, these caverns are a graceful subject for
underwater photography
. Available in a full range of depths for both beginner divers like Ta’Cenc Cave at 9m, Mgarr In Xini or Xlendi Tunnel to the famous Bottel Neck Cave whose entrance is at a depth of 38m and exit at 59m.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting is the approximately 116m long Billinghurst Cave. Other popular ones on Gozo include: Shrims Cave, Cathedral Cave, Submarine Cave. Moreover, cavern formations such as Double Arch and Triple Arch. It’s hard not to mention the caves in the Dwejra area. These include the much-visited 90m InLand Sea Tunnel, Whale Cave, Tal-Barba Cave, Blue Hole Cave, Rogers Cave and many others….

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