Price list

Price list

Price list for recreational diving

The leisure package includes:

  • Transfer from the Dive Center to the dive site and back
  • 2 12L air bottles
  • Ballast
  • Care of a diving guide
  • Drinking water
Price list of recreational decompression dives

These packages understood as decompression dives using decompression techniques to a maximum depth of 60m with a total decompression time of up to 30 minutes.
A dive is understood to be a single dive on a single day.

The price includes:

  • Transfer from the Dive Center to the dive site and back
  • care of a diving guide
  • Two air bottles( 1 twinset or sidemont bottles)
  • Care of a diving guide
  • Drinking water

Decompression gases are not included in the price.

All dives refer to the standards of recognized diving organizations with regard to the level of training, depth and breathing mixtures used.


Deep technical dives are priced individually depending on dive plans, time and logistical needs

Diving courses

The price of all courses depends on the number of days required to conduct the course according to the standards of the training organization.

The training day costs 100 euros

The price does not include the cost of certification.

Price list for equipment rental

All prices quoted are Net prices.
To the price we add VAT - 18%

*Prices quoted are in € per day for dive packages. For multi-day rentals, deduct 5% for each day from the price (e.g., 5 days x 5% = 25%)

**Maximum discount is 50%.

***Discounts do not include decompression gas cylinders.

NOTE: The renter is required to inspect the equipment and report all defects to the Dive Center representative. Damage caused by poor use or storage or transportation will be charged equal to the market price of the damaged equipment

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