Dive Pro programs - Programs for dive guides and Divemasters.

Dive Pro programs - Progams for dive guides and Divemasters:

The Dive Professional (Dive Pro) programs are designed for divers who wish to conduct qualified dives for certified divers, act as a certified assistant in all recreational diving programs, and teach within the scope of their certification.
The Dive Guide program provides candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to guide and supervise licensed divers on recreational dives and to teach, supervise and issue recognition cards for the SSI Snorkel Diver program.
Candidates, upon completion of the SSI Divemaster program, have the knowledge and skills necessary when performing the duties of a certified assistant. These include assisting SSI instructors during entry level training programs and follow-on programs.In addition to the functions performed by a Professional Dive Guide with active status, active Divemasters can act as a certified assistant in all SSI recreational diving programs and assist during open water training dives, guiding a maximum of two (2) students simultaneously during a dive.