Scuba Experience - training for beginner divers

Scuba Experience:

I once heard the motto: “diving is fun, but not for every one”. The “SCUBA EXPERIENCE” programs are designed for people who would like to try scuba diving but are not sure if they are up to the challenge or if they will enjoy it. These programs are designed to introduce the adept to the underwater world with the direct assistance of a professional diving instructor. Each of the basic programs can be credited for higher training. This means that you don’t have to make the decision to enter full training right away. Start with “TRY SCUBA” make a decision and continue your great adventure with “OPEN WATER DIVER”.
The goal of the SSI Snorkel Diver program is to introduce you to commonly used equipment and skills that are essential for safe snorkeling.

Digestion time: ½ day - 1 dive
During the course, trainees acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills to independently conduct a dive within the scope of their earned credentials, safely conduct a controlled dive and ascent, and handle emergency situations.

Minimum age 10 years.
Duration: 5 days - 6 theory classes, 6 classes in pool or restricted waters, 4 dives in open water.
This program provides an opportunity to try diving in full "SCUBA" diving kit in pool waters or shallow confined waters for those with no diving experience.

Duration: ½ day - 1 dive
A basic program that introduces you to the knowledge and necessary exercises for diving with an Instructor in an open water environment.

Duration: 1 day/two dives + theoretical lecture

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